Why choose Philippines to study Medicine?

a)Philippines is an English speaking Country.

b)The medium of instruction is English.

c)Affordable cost of education.

d)Follows the American system of Education.

e)Easy accessibility to several daily flights.

f)Philippines is the largest provider of Medical doctors to the U.S

What are the main benifits of studying in Australia?

 a)It is very cost effective

b) Fully accredited, recognized and globally accepted programs.

c) Flexibility in admissions

d) Flexible Visa norms

e) Permanent Residence Option (Immigration)

f) only IELTS required .

Is the application for admission process Same for Australia and other countries?

No, the process of admission varies from one country to another in terms of documentation and pre-requisite tests based on the program of study. It is very important to know the requirements before we apply to any particular country..

How many colleges and universities in Australia?

There are over 30 accredited Colleges and Universities to choose from.

What is the right time to apply to Australian universities?

If the student initiates his admission at least 5 months prior to semester is considered as right time..

Do Australian Universities follow any specified ranking?

No, Australian Universities do not follow specified ranking. Each University has its own requirements and one has to fulfill the requirements to get admission in that particular program..